LIST 1 Jatek temako:ro:k: Things that grow, School subjects, Boy's name, TV show, Things that are black, Animals, Movie title, River, Insects, Musical instruments, Fruit, Things that are cold LIST 2 Jatek temako:ro:k: Games, Holidays, Things in the house, Cartoon Characters, Body of water, Author, Sports Stars, Country, Bird, Disney Character, Clothing, Things that are square LIST 3 Jatek temako:ro:k: Tools, Fish, Sports equipment, Girl's name, Provinces or States, Fruit, School supplies, Things that are hot, Fears, TV Star, Color, Heroes LIST 4 Jatek temako:ro:k: Flower, Hobby, Type of drink, Toys, Nickname, Ice Cream Flavors, Gift, Things in the Kitchen, Things Found In The Ocean, Breakfast food, Part of the body, City LIST 5 Jatek temako:ro:k: School subjects, Things In A Park, Ice Cream Flavors, Items in a catalog, Sandwich, Musical instruments, World leaders/Poloticians, excuses for being late, Stones/Gems, Things that jump/bounce, TV Star, Foreign Cities LIST 6 Jatek temako:ro:k: Items in this room, Pizza Toppings, Things in the sky, Fish, Nickname, Country, Terms of Endearment, Drugs that are abused, College/university, Something people are afraid of, Things that have spots, Historical Figures LIST 7 Jatek temako:ro:k: Items you save up to buy, Things You Keep Hidden, Magazines, Footwear, Sports equiptment, Capital, Menu items, Things with tails, Fictional Characters, Kind of Candy, Items in a suitcase, Crimes LIST 8 Jatek temako:ro:k: Bad habits, Leisure Activity, Cooking utensils, Spices/Herbs, Awards/ceremonies, Parks, Reptiles/Amphibians, Celebrity, Cosmetics/Toiletries, Car, Things That Are Sticky, Things You're Allergic To LIST 9 Jatek temako:ro:k: Halloween Costumes, Words associated with exercise, Things in a medicine cabinet, Toys, Household Chores, Body of water, Sports, Famous people, Things that are round, Author, Restaurant, Weapons LIST 10 Jatek temako:ro:k: Villain, Flower, Sport, Girl's name, Things you replace, Things in the Kitchen, Song titles, Part of the body, Things You Shout, Ethnic foods, Ways To Get From Here To There, Bird

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